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    Home Differ™

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    Home differ™ Diffuser adds your favorite essential oil, perfume, or cologne to the air to create a peaceful, better-smelling environment. Perfect for your bedroom, living room, and car! It uses nano-atomization technology to bind the fragrance to water for 10x better diffusing.

    Make Your Space Smell Better: It's time to get rid of that musky smell! Instantly enhance your room's aroma with a fragrance or essential oil.

    Reduce Stress & Anxiety: The soothing mist creates a peaceful environment, especially when combined with relaxing fragrances like lavender or chamomile.

    Improve Your Sleep: Diffusing a fragrance is proven to help your brain fall asleep faster and sleep better.

    Humidify the Air: Ease your sinuses by preventing dryness and allergens.

    Beauty Benefits: Increasing the humidity helps hydrate your hair, skin, and lips.

    Portable Glow Humidifier – Trendz Haul


    Use With or Without Fragrance: Add 1-2 drops/sprays of fragrance. Or use it without for a misting humidifier.

    Lasts for 10 Hours: Each refill will last up to 10 hours.

    Auto Shutoff: Never worry about having to turn it off. Set auto shutoff for 4/6 hours.

    2 Mist Modes: Choose from intermittent or constant mist.

    3 LED Modes: Select 7 color LED, white, or completely off.


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